For a complete history of the legislative response to IM22, click on the link below to download the PDF Document.

The 2017 Legislative Response to IM22
The response to repealing IM22 has been grossly misrepresented. The Legislature took took action introducing dozens of bills to replace IM22 with Constitutional actions. Please download the PDF file here for a complete explanation.
Bills from 2017 to Repeal and Replace IM[...]
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District 16 voters: I am asking for your vote on November 6th, to re-elect me for another term.


This is how I am serving you.


Judiciary Committee


I have been honored with an appointment to House Judiciary. My experience in Law Enforcement, working with juvenile offenders for the past 20 years, and spending almost as many years working on the methamphetamine problem in SD under the Department of Justice and the State, have allowed me to bring a perspective to this committee that few others can bring.
I am a life Member of the NRA with an “A” rating and I am a true Second Amendment supporter. I have received the endorsements of both the NRA and the National Association For Gun Rights. I am also a concealed carry and use of force instructor and I am committed to protecting your rights.


Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee.


I serve as your voice on the Ag and Natural Resources Committee. District 16 is still largely an Ag community. I am concerned about our land and water resources and I am always fighting for your rights to work the land without burdensome regulations brought by out of state groups. I am also an avid hunter and sportsman and will work tirelessly to protect our resources and our hunting tradition.
I was raised on a farm and continue to be involved in agriculture. I have been a 4-H leader for many years and continue to be involved with 4H at the county level as well as through 4H Shooting Sports Programs. Two of our sons are active in farming and our youngest son is an archeologist and firefighter for the National Forest Service. Our family connection to Ag and natural resources gives me a unique perspective that I bring to the committee on your behalf.


Corrections Commission


In 2017 I was appointed to the Corrections Commission. This group has only 4 legislators representing the Legislative body; 2 from the Senate and 2 from the House with only one from each party in both houses. I was selected as only one out of 60 Republican House members. It truly is an honor to serve on this Commission.
The commission oversees the Prison System in South Dakota and plays an active role in monitoring problems as well as successes. We have input on changes to the system and oversee adherence to current laws and rules.


Juvenile Justice Reform Oversight Committee


Several years ago Senate Bill 73 was passed reforming how local enforcement deals with juvenile offenders. While this bill was brought with good intentions there are many areas that need to be changed. Working with juvenile offenders for the past 20 years we have seen a noticeable increase in negative juvenile behaviors. Lack of accountability is a problem that needs to be addressed. I have contacted every State Attorney, every Sheriff and many police officers in the state, and I am working with them to bring much needed change to this law.


These positions are important for District 16. We live in the fastest growing urban areas of the state and this growth will affect our agriculture livelihood as well as having an impact on crime and justice in our communities.



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Thank you for trusting me to represent District 16.   This first legislative session has flown by. It's amazing how fast it goes.


I am asking for your vote and support in the 2018 race for my re-election.


As a resident of District 16 for the past 33 years, and a South Dakota resident since 1959 (my parents moved here when I was 5), I believe in the same things many of you do; smaller Government, lower taxes and less regulation, but at the same time we need to utilize the funds we do have to empower people to succeed - giving assistance rather than endless subsistance. We must support education in a way that is not one-size-budget-fits-all. Sixteen years on the Canton School Board has taught me that no two districts are alike and all have different priorities. There is a better solution. We also know jobs are critical to keeping youth engaged in our communities. We need to find more ways to ecourage business growth without endless over-regulation. Please let me take these common sense values to Pierre and work for you.


To learn more about my experince and values, l invite you to review the information on the rest of this website.


As an elected official, I believe transparency is the key to a vibrant democracy. This website is just one step towards a more transparent government. You can use the resources on these pages to learn more about who I am, my values and the platform I am running on.

I look forward to your thoughts, comments and criticisms. Start the dialog by sending me a message, or call me at 605 366-6947 to speak directly.

Sincerely yours,

Kevin D Jensen


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