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The election is upon us. I encourage you to vote early because lines may be long due to voters not being prepared for the ballot issues. 


People ask me how I am voting on the amendments and ballot issues. It's really simple - I follow the money trail - If it is being paid for by money from outside South Dakota, it is a special interest and I will be voting NO. I do not want people from out side our state controlling our Constitution. It's wrong on every level.


The next challenge will be sending a conservative message to Pierre. I need your support to represent District 16. Party lines have not been this far apart since the 1970s and we are at a crossroad in the future of the State, and the country. 


Please think about this because too few people do, the state legislature is the last line of defense against an overreaching Federal Government. Far too many bills are introduced that cater to special interest groups. We need to hold the line on excessive spending and infringemnet on personal liberty. 




I want to be your State Representative in District 16.  If I am not able convince you that I should be your first choice, please cast your vote for me as your second choice. I will work just as hard for you coming in second place!


As a resident of District 16 for the past 30 years, and a South Dakota resident since 1959 (my parents moved here when I was 5), I believe in the same things many of you do; smaller Government, lower taxes and less regulation, but at the same time we need to utilize the funds we do have to empower people to succeed - giving assistance rather than endless subsistance. We must support education in a way that is not one-size-budget-fits-all. Sixteen years on the Canton School Board has taught me that no two districts are alike and all have different priorities. There is a better solution. We also know jobs are critical to keeping youth engaged in our communities. We need to find more ways to ecourage business growth without endless over-regulation. Please let me take these common sense values to Pierre and work for you.


To learn more about my experince and values, l invite you to review the information on the rest of this website.


As an elected official, I believe transparency is the key to a vibrant democracy. This website is just one step towards a more transparent government. You can use the resources on these pages to learn more about who I am, my values and the platform I am running on.

I look forward to your thoughts, comments and criticisms. Start the dialog by sending me a message, or call me at 605 366-6947 to speak directly.

Sincerely yours,

Kevin D Jensen


Campaign News

As an active campaigner, I like to converse with my constituents in personal encounters. Check out our news section to find a campaign stop near you in District 16 communities.

District 16 voters - email and ask for your free copy of the United States Constitution.

Campaign News

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