So just what is a smoke-out vote?

 "A smoke-out is a maneuver where a legislator can try to revive a bill that has been killed in committee. The legislator must ask the full House of Representatives or the full Senate to order the committee to release the bill.

Under policy, only successful smoke-outs are shown in the bill status report. That’s because a bill’s status remains unchanged if the smoke-out falls short."

There are several views on this type of action. Many organizations focus on the unsuccessful smoke out votes because they feel this is where the legislator's true beliefs and support or rejection of a bill or idea come to the light of day. You can't hide from a floor vote but you can from an unsuccsefful smoke out, unless of course someone is watching and recording the vote. 

Personally I believe a smoke out removes any doubt as to how you feel about a bill. If you vote against it you are obviously opposed to the bill. 

There is one exception in my view; when a bill becomes amended to the point where the original intent of the bill is compromised, you may have to kill it and start over. 



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