My Core Beliefs and Values

Not pictured, Granddaughter Dayton

Faith, Family, God and Country are the cornerstones of my life. Bold leadership requires unwavering belief in a core set of values and priorities. As you read this, and other pages on this website, I hope you find a common set of values that does not change based on the audience. 

As a District 16 candidate, the concerns of my constituents always take precedence over the interests of political parties and lobbyists. All around us, we see the special interests of an influential few drowning out the needs of ordinary citizens. I have a different vision for South Dakota and I am asking for help in taking common sense to Pierre! Money can certainly get the message out.... but what is the message? Be wary of those with big campaigns and little ideas. Please value your own vote as much as I do.

Here is what I want to do as your representative:

  • Resolve funding problems with common-sense solutions
  • Ensure more transparency in government
  • Provide an online forum for citizens to voice their concerns
  • Strengthen families through better education
  • Make sure every initiative is paid for in full – no new debt!


If you have any questions regarding my campaign or a specific issue, feel free to contact me  at 605 366-6947. I am always happy to speak with constituents and I look forward to your call.

District 16 voters - email and ask for your free copy of the United States Constitution.

Campaign News

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