I oppose personal income taxes, corporate income taxes, and temporary sales tax increases (which are never temporary). The more you feed a pig, the fatter it gets.


The Liberals and the Liberal Media constantly attack corporations as not paying their fair share. Corporations are not people but they pay the highest corporate taxes in the world, 35%!. They are managed by people, and those people pay income taxes. The profits that corporations make that are not taxed are the profits that are reinvested in the company for modernization, safety or growth. Besides the taxes they pay out they pay dividends to shareholdss or bonuses to employees, which are taxed once again. If you have a retirement plan, a 401k or an annuity you most likely receive dividends from these 'evil corporations'. If the corporations had to pay additional taxes they would charge more for the goods and services they provide or you would not receive the same growth in your retirement accounts that you do now. In essence you will pay the tax for them. Don't be fooled by Liberals!


The only reason to ask for an income tax is to increase spending. We need to clean up our state budget before we consider doing that.

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