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My earliest recollection of hunting was in the first grade when my father carefully instructed me on the proper way to handle a BB gun. Once I proved I was safe, he handed me his Winchester .22 and ever since that day, I have been involved with shooting sports and hunting. My father was also the one who taught me to catch catfish, and my mother taught me to cook them. There were advantages to being raised in a poor household. What my parents probably felt help their subsistence was a sheer joy to me.


Today I can say that I taught my sons much in the same way I was taught by my father; gun safety first and then enjoying excitement of going afield with family members.


I have been hunting, target shooting, shooting in competition, fishing, boating and enjoying many other outdoor activities like 4-wheeling and cross country skiing since I was very young, and I still enjoy all those activities today.


As a State Representative I would work endlessly to protect the rights of those who enjoy all outdoor sports and activities. Sometimes I am dismayed by someone who is active in advancing and protecting one sport like Trap shooting, but would not make an effort to help those who prefer competitive handgun competitions like USPSA and IDPA. I know that most who read this have never seen these acronyms, but to many they are very important. There are also those who fight to protect cross-country ski routes and yet are willing to stand by and watch ATV trails being shut down. There is room for all sports minded people in South Dakota, we must stand together or lose our rights one at a time.


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