I believe life begins at conception. The simple fact is that abortion at any stage in the development of a fetus terminates the natural progression of human life. Any argument to the contrary is simply ludicrous. Partial birth abortion sickens me. It should sicken anyone who values life. Convenience abortion is not much better. 


I do believe that there are exceptions which must be considered, which departs from many pro-life advocates. I am aware that some will not like my position however when the life of the mother is at stake, it should be a family or personal decision, not the government's. I also believe there should be consideration for violent rape and incest. Rape and incest victims however, should know in the first few days that they need to decide. I think with family, friends, spiritual or professional guidance that decision should be made within a VERY short time for any termination. 


In my line of work, it is not uncommon to hear about a 12 or 13 year old middle school girl who is pregnant because of rape or incest. I don't care what your view of abortion is, you have to ask yourself — should a twelve year old be forced to become a mother beciause of a tragic violent act against her? 


I have worked with tribal leaders on a number of issues and I know that the medical conveniences we enjoy are not readily available on the reservations and in some remote areas of the state. It's not always the case that there is no medical care available — that is if you want to walk ten miles. Some clinics are primarily staffed by a PA who may not be able to help when they finally do get to the clinic. 


Here is the bottom line —  pregnancy is NOT AN ACCIDENT. We know what causes it and the vast majority of pregnancies are preventable. If you do not want to be a mother or a father either take preventative measures, or abstain. These statements are not meant to be sarcastic — it is just plain fact. 


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