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This is a pivotal year from local to national races. Your financial support is vital to the success of my campaign! It's people like you and me who make change happen, which is why I am asking you to donate what you can to support my campaign. 


Campaigns are expensive but I know financial challenges are affecting all South Dakotans. A contribution of $100 or even $50 would be greatly appreciated. If you could even support me with a contribution of $10 it would be very much appreciated. 


Thanks you!

To contribute send checks to :


Jensen For House

27808 484th Ave

Canton, SD 57013 


Or, email and we will provide our Paypal account if you prefer. 


Remember contribution to politicians and political parties are not tax deductible. 

District 16 voters - email and ask for your free copy of the United States Constitution.

Campaign News

Email, Call or visit Facebook - go to jensenforhouse
In an effort to give a voice to your concerns, I have expanded to several media sources. You can also follow me on twitter @RepJensen

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