Campaign News

Get the latest news from my campaign headquarters! Stay up to date on the issues of the day, or find out where my next campaign stop is happening and stop by to say hello and voice your opinions in a face-to-face encounter.

Campaign Stops

If you have an upcoming event and would like to hear from me personally,  email the time, date and place and I will do my best to attend. I look forward to as many face-to-face meetings as possible. The best way to get to know me is to meet and visit.


Watch your local papers for other planned stops and join me if you can. I would love to visit with as many people as possible.  Please give me a chance to be your State Representative for District 16.

I am a firm believer in participatory democracy. Call me at 605 366-6947 or email me to schedule a private meeting or group coffee with me. I am always interested in hearing your concerns. 

District 16 voters - email and ask for your free copy of the United States Constitution.

Campaign News

Email, Call or visit Facebook - go to jensenforhouse
In an effort to give a voice to your concerns, I have expanded to several media sources. You can also follow me on twitter @RepJensen

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