Law and Order

Every year hundreds of new well-intentioned Bills are introduced by the legislature. Thankfully, some of them repeal a law completely or modify existing law to clarify the intentions of the law to assist in enforcement.


How many new laws do we need? Are we writing new laws because one person found a way to do something judged to be wrong? Are Bills introduced simply because a certain legislator has a personal agenda, or simply that they feel they have to introduce something. Make no mistake, every new law restricts freedom at some level. Even if the new law seems to give more freedom, it is ‘defining’ what is legal and by default defines what is not legal.


In the 2012 session there was one Bill in particular that was introduced and passed because one constituent complained to a legislator and State Law changed. I spent a lot of time lobbying for change in the original Bill language and thankfully the sponsor was willing to listen and eventually agreed. I am not saying the intention for change was necessarily bad, but the original Bill would have affected a lot of honest people in a very negative way. (HB1198)


How many Bills are introduced, or even passed that are redundant or merely a nuance of an existing law? The Legislative Research Council has its work cut out. 


I will work diligently to be a watchdog against bad and unnecessary bills. 



Illegal immigration is an important topic. I have one simple position; enforce current law! 

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