Health Care Needs Changing

Repeal parts of Obama Care. 


Insurance premium costs have gone through the roof! 5 years ago my family premium was $800. This year I had to give up my good policy for a higher deductible and less coverage because my premium would have been over $2,900 per month - for a family of 3! I still pay $1,983 per month and have less coverage. 


Health care, however, does need changes. From 1977 to 1992 I was the regional IT Coordinator for a multi-warehouse wholesale pharmaceutical distributer. During those years I was involved in specialty programming for many Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) and organized hospital purchasing groups. These were the forerunners of today’s prescription marketing pools which have made prescriptions so unaffordable for anyone not affiliated with a group. They also paved the way for Medicaid Part B.  Like it or not these plans are here to stay. If Obama Care were to be repealed all of these prescription plans could be debated once again.


We must be prepared for the possibility that Obama Care will be dismantled and if that happens it could have a profound affect on Medicaid funding, insurance premiums and prescription pricing. Currently if you are not a member of a purchasing or insurance group you are paying a higher price for your medications to offset the lower negotiated pricing power of the larger organizations. All is not equal in the price of prescriptions. As a State we need to be prepared for what comes our way and not be caught expecting the Federal Government to come up with another Obama Care scheme with a different name.


Have you noticed a change in how your Doctor visits are handled? Do you like it? Where will it go from here?


I am committed to do everything in South Dakota’s power to send a message to Washington. Leave our Doctors alone and let them run their own business. If left to the people, good doctors will have great practices and bad doctors will fail. If the government props them all up, restricting the good ones and protecting the bad ones, and then limits your choices – which doctor are you likely to end up with?

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