Common Core - the WRONG COURSE

Will this become "Obama-Core"?

Bill Gates (Microsoft) has invested 2.3 Billion dollars in Common Core to collect your personal marketing data through your children and has publically announced his goal to make the next generation, your children and grand children, dependent on his products.


Today a much larger threat looms over our schools and to local control. 'Common Core' is a scam devised by the Federal Government to control local curriculum. Congress expressly forbids a national curriculum imposed on public schools however the administration has found a way to force schools into it. If they tie the federal school funding including free and reduced lunches to the result of a test they can force schools to teach to pass the test. So what's the problem? The tests are based on Common Core curriculum which is vastly different from what has been taught in the past. Did you know the government is more important to a child than their parents? Did you know it is now fact that climate change is caused by man? Did you know the answer is not important as long as you try to solve the problem? DID YOU KNOW THAT NO ONE BUT THE STUDENT SEES THE TEST QUESTIONS - NOT EVEN THE TEACHERS AND ADMINISTRATORS! Theses are just a few concepts that are forced on your schools. I REJECT Common Core and I will do anything I can do to get South Dakota to opt out, or delay further implementation until there is a new administration in Washington. 


You need to ask your legislators to take a position on this. "I'm not sure" or "teachers like it"  is NOT an answer. THE TEACHERS ARE NOT THE PARENTS! Making the teacher's job easier does not translate into a better education for your children.  


Also note that your local school board's hands are tied. We have no more influence on the implementation and content of CC than you do as a parent. Consider that the administrators will no longer be able to pick curriculum and the school board has no input. If you have an issue regarding content of the studies, where do you go? The administrators and school board have no ability to alter it! Your kids will learn what the federal governmnet wants to to learn. As a matter of history - this has NEVER been a good thing. Even your legislators will have very limited ablity to change anything. The real power comes from the Governor's office and the State Board of Education, and of course they will do what the Governor wants because they are appointed.


Follow the money. There is a small gorup pf companies who are tied politically to the federal administration and they will make millions if not billions by the time full implementation has occured. This is not about education - it's about CONTROL. 


I believe that Common Core will become known as 'Obama-core', and will do to education what Obama-care is doing to health care. 

District 16 voters - email and ask for your free copy of the United States Constitution.

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